Sunday, September 27, 2015

Our Rustic Headboard

Bear and I needed a new headboard.  I can't stomach spending hundreds of dollars on a silly headboard and would rather go without but I had some scrap wood left over from a few projects that I decided to put to good use.  I had found brown plaid bedding from Woolrich that we liked and I tailored our room to the bedding.  Since the plaid was screaming "rustic!" I decided to go with a wood headboard that would scream back.  In order to achieve the proper balance of screaming, I decided to oxidize the wood (more on the oxidizing tomorrow).

I measured the height that I wanted the headboard (which needed to fit just below my window ledge). Then used two long "posts" (1x4's) on either end and using the measurement from the width of my bed, laid them out on the ground.  Then I cut a piece of plywood to size, laid it over the top of my posts and nailed it in.  I flipped the headboard over and then cut random sized pieces and nailed them in to created the rows between the posts.

Stayed tuned for the oxidizing process!

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