Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hay Dispenser DIY

Ugh.  Hay.  Everywhere hay.  We've tried netted slow feeder bags, we've tried canvas "tough" bags, buckets, buckets with lids and a small hole cut in the top but NOTHING worked.  After watching the goats pull hay out of the bucket in one chunk and leave 3/4 of it on the ground I knew we had to come up with something.

I perused the scrap pile and my eye caught a few pieces of 2x4 and some pallet wood slats.  There, an idea was born.

Bear and I framed out our new hay feeder.  It's 3 sided with an opening at the top to insert leafs of hay.  Chunks of wood were added to each side and one in the middle bottom portion for mounting (see mounting pieces circled in red below).

Easy peasy, this project was done in 30 minutes and so far so good.

2- 18" 2x4's (sides of frame)
1- 36" 2x4 (bottom of frame)
3- 36" 1x4's (slats to be screwed onto the front of the frame)
3- 4" 1x4's (circled below in red.  Screw onto back of hay feeder, one on each side, and one at the bottom middle for mounting)

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