Thursday, September 24, 2015

Chicken Coop (Part II)

At this point, Bear and I were beginning to get at each others throats.  The weather was getting hotter and the kids sports and work schedules only allowed us to work to the bone on the weekends. Frustration was getting the better of me and while Bear was at work one day, I decided to roof the coop without him.  He sure didn't complain and I definitely proved to myself that I could pull off such a feat with minor cuts, a few scrapes and an aching back that lasted a week.

The one dilemma I ran into while roofing was the shingles didn't line up well once I reached the top....I was just an inch short of clearing the cap line which required another row of shingles and aesthetically, it didn't look very good.  If I didn't just point that out to you, you probably never would have known.

If I were to offer a tip....wear pants.

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