About Us

My husband and I are a couple of thirty-something's searching for peace and simplicity in this chaotic world.  We have two children and they're always game for an exciting new adventure.  After spending our entire lives living in the suburbs just outside of Detroit, we decided to give up more than half of our belongings and downsize to a smaller, simpler, life on the farm.  In June of 2015 we found a 3-acre, partially wooded lot and fell in love.  It was the solitude we had been searching for. We knew that moving to the farm would not only be a lifestyle change but a spiritual one as well.

The Name

I postponed starting this blog longer than I should have and it was mainly because I couldn't decide on a name.  I'd ask the family multiple times a day, "did you think of anything yet?" and I finally realized I was going to have to close my eyes and point my finger.  There were a couple of names I tossed around, such as: Knottareal Farm, Remedy Acres, Hobby Homestead, The Pine Knob, just to name a few.  There was one thing that kept circling around to me though, it was the amount of fluttering insects that inhabit our back yard.  Moths, birds, bats, butterflies, bees, gollywhoppers, and of course a plethora of dragonflies.  My favorite place to be is at the clothesline, and for as peaceful as it is out there, I always have quiet company.  So I just had to go with "Flutterbee" for the farm name.  

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