Saturday, September 19, 2015

Au Naturale Jewelry Holder on the Cheap

Ever since we downsized I've been on the hunt for solid organizing solutions.  My jewelry has been sitting around in a knotted heap and this weekend was the perfect time to get it organized.

We've had a brush pile sitting in our yard for some time now and I've been wanting to make a jewelry hanger out of one of the branches.  Our room is a bit more rustic/cabin like in decor so the branch would be a proper fit.

I eyed up the branches for something that was flat (by flat, I mean without knobs or branches that would cause it to protrude from the wall).  The perfect branch emerged and it even had a few stubs that were perfectly located for hanging my chunky bracelets.

The cost of the project ended up being no more than a couple of anchors and screws.

After cutting to size, Bear (my husband) drilled two holes in the back of the branch on a slight upward angle (so the branch wouldn't slip off the screws when hung).  I measured out the drilled holes in the branch on to the wall and even added a slight angle for kicks and put in anchors and screws for hanging.

Up she went and with the addition of cup hooks, I had the perfect solution to that clump of jewelry that's been begging me for a home.

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